5 ways to withdraw money from PayDiamond

As a PayDiamond member there are many ways to make a lot of money from PayDiamond. These include Signup BonusReferral BonusTeam Bonus, Unilevel Bonus, Binary BonusQualification Bonus and of-course Weekly Bonus.

How to withdraw earnings and spend it?

You can withdraw your money from paydiamond in 5 ways

1. PDCode:

PDcode which stands for PayDiamond Code is a coupon which has value of cash. When you start earning from PayDiamond, you see how much you have earned in your wallet when you login to your PayDiamond account at https://member.paydiamond.com/login which is called your Back office.

Any amount you see at your Back office is the current value of your PDCode So you can simply register someone in PayDiamond by paying for the person from your wallet using a method called PDCode. For example when you have up to $200 in your wallet you can use it to register a new person and collect the cash from him or her. In other words, Pdcode is using your earnings to sign up people and collect cash from them.

2. Wallet Transfer:

This involves sending money to another member on the PayDiamond platform. You can transfer money from your wallet to any member and collect cash from him or her. But on this wallet transfer you must have up-to $300 and you must do your KYC (Your account must be approved i.e after submitting your document to PayDiamond) before you can do the wallet transfer.

3. Master Card

PayDiamond has a Master Debit Card which can be issued to you to enable you withdraw your money from any ATM worldwide!

Firstly, you have to make sure you have uploaded all required documents in your PayDiamond back office.

Secondly, you must signup with Euro Exchange, which is a financial institution based in United Kingdom. Once you have been registered, do all your verification then apply for the master card through your page and $80 will be deducted from your wallet covering the Master Card fee and shipping fees. Finally you can move your money from your wallet to master card and withdraw it anywhere in the world

4. Bitcoin

NB:This service is provided by EuroExchange in conjunction with PayDiamond, so ensure you have completed the steps in no. 3 above. After you have registered with Euroexchange, you can also move your earnings from Euro Exchange to your Bitcoin wallet.

5. Bank Transfer

NB:This service is provided by EuroExchange in conjuction with PayDiamond, so ensure you have completed steps in no. 3 above. From your EuroExchange account, you can transfer your earnings to your local bank anywhere in the world. To join PayDiamond Click Here