Pay Diamond

To get started you need to complete a registration form , registration is free. Click here to register 

On completing your registration you are then required to purchase any package of your choice, the packages are as follows:

  • Joy Pack $200.00 equivalent to 0.05 carat diamond
  • Light Pack $400.00 equivalent to 0.1 carat diamond
  • Plus Pack $1,200.00 equivalent to 0.3 carat diamond
  • Master Pack $3,600.00 equivalent to 1 carat diamond

When you purchase a package what happens is your money is used to purchase raw diamond stone of equivalent caret. The raw stone then goes through several processes including polishing. After the processes, the diamond market values increases up to 6 times the initial value and this is where the income comes from which is used to pay members.

At this point, PayDiamond helps us to put our diamond in the market for sales and we will start receiving a weekly bonus which is 5% of the package we purchased for up to 50 weeks as follows:

  • Joy $200.00 – pays you $10 weekly
  • Light $400.00 – pays you $20 weekly
  • Plus $1,200.00 – pays you $60 weekly
  • Master $3,600.00 – pays you $180 weekly

PayDiamond will continue paying you a weekly bonus for up to 50 weeks, however at the 25th week you have the option to request your diamond shipped to you or continue receiving your weekly bonuses for the remaining 25 weeks.

Also to mention, you can upgrade from one package to another at any given time.

Apart from the weekly bonus, PayDiamond also pays numerous bonuses to members who are involved in MLM. The bonuses includes Binary bonusTeam bonusQualification bonusUnilevel bonus and Signup bonus

In Summary all you need to do is register to become a member, then purchase a package and start earning your weekly bonuses. Ready to Join/Register? CLICK HERE NOW TO JOIN and start earning