How To Make Money On LinkedIn As A Freelancer

A freelancer is an individual who performs services for a fee, whether that’s hourly, per word, or per project. In other words, freelancers trade time for money.

With over 680 million users all over the world, there is an opportunity to make money as a freelancer on LinkedIn for free. LinkedIn gives you a wider environment to connect with people to share posts and articles.

LinkedIn has also been rated as number #1 platform when it comes to Job search. This gives you as a freelancer the chance to explore more. A lot of people on LinkedIn are looking for connections they can work with.

Not to take much of your time, here are the 4 ways you can make money on LinkedIn as a freelancer;

1. Choose a Niche

If you’re new to freelancing, you might feel ready to take ANY paid work you can get your hands on. But as you get deeper into your freelancing career, you’ll need to start being more strategic about the types of work you do and the clients you take on.

Here you need to be specific to what niche you want to be going into. Whether Graphic design, Website design, Copy writing, Digital marketing, App development etc..

But you need to get a skill in the above niches mentioned. Getting those freelance skill is quite easy this days with the help of YouTube and other tutorial platforms

2. Create a Good LinkedIn Profile Page

You need to create a good LinkedIn profile with all your skills stated. A profile page attract more clients or customers. Before someone will contact you for a service, he or she first go through your LinkedIn profile to see whether you are the right choice for the job.

You can search for freelancers on LinkedIn to see example on how they go about having an attractive profile. This will broaden your mind on how to do yours too.

Since your profile gives the customer first impression about you, your profile page has to be unique.

3. Get Clear on Your Service Offerings

Any freelance niche you have chosen, you should be able to give clarity on your service offerings. The more specific you can be about what services you offer, the better. 

In your LinkedIn posts, you have to state what your offerings are. This will enable the customer to get a clearer view on what you can do for them. The more specific you are the more clients you get to make money cash.

For example; if you are into Website designing, you should state the packages you have and what is included in it.

4. Join Linkedin Groups

The smartest way to find more customers on LinkedIn is by joining groups. Groups on LinkedIn are very effective since most people join to see what’s going on in other business.

As a freelancer, you can also be part of these groups and make sure you contribute to what ever is been discussed in the group. You can post your ads in the group for members to see and contact you.

This helps especially when there are a lot of members in the group that need your services. You can as well share your recent and past works done by you.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy reading this article.