How Startups in Ghana Can Grow by Having a Website Earlier

Many promising startups in Ghana wait too long to establish their online presence. 

Some seem to get too busy building their business that they don’t establish their online presence and authority early enough.

However, numerous benefits await you if you can build and maintain a good website as soon as you start your business, no matter how little it is. 

Here are five of them.

  1. You’re learning how to establish. You want to learn early enough.

As a startup, you’re learning many things – how to pitch your business, how your customers really want you to serve them, the best business model to adopt, etc.

All these things you learn at the beginning go a long way to help your business grow.

In the same way, you’ll have to learn how to run a website to enhance your marketing. The earlier you start, the earlier you can begin to get things right in your journey. After five years of trying different content strategies, you’re sure to arrive at the one that will work for you.

  1. You can start building your relationship with your audience

Many businesses are competing with you, and customers can easily be attracted to other products or services if they appeal to them. 

But if you start early in your journey to using your website as a point of interaction for your audience, you’ll be able to build a bond with them that will make them prefer to deal with your brand.

  1. You become more authentic over time when you start early

We’re at a point where your authority in the market is determined by how long you’ve been in the industry.

And especially when many businesses get seen by their online presence, you want to establish yours as soon as you can. And having a good website in your early days helps a ton.

  1. You can help your audience with some education about your product or service

If you sell shoes, you’re part of how your customers make their lives better through the wearing of shoes. And very often, customers would like an expert opinion on wearing shoes.

They want to know what color of shoe to wear for their wedding. They want know want to know how to make their favorite shoes last long. They want to know what kind of shoes will make their friends like them a lot. Etc, etc.

An effective way is to write regular blog posts on your websites to answer regular customer questions. And if you can start this at the beginning of your journey, you will attract a loyal audience.

  1. You become more appealing to partners and investors.

Maybe I’m saving the best for last, but this might be a huge benefit for most startups who own a website earlier in their journey.

Very often your startup must attract partners and investors in order for you to scale and expand. And so you’ll have to make your businesses look attractive to sponsors and potential partners.

Having a website that provides valuable content for your customers is a great way to convince these heavy pockets that your startup has the potential to become the next top brand.


Maintaining a website that provides valuable content at an early stage in your growth will help you build a loyal audience that would love to buy your products. And beyond that, you’ll also become more attractive to potential sponsors and investors.